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Why the Skunks?

Russ Diethrick said it best at a video conference with Brandiose, “Jamestown highlights the four seasons.”

All over Jamestown, there are skunks! Just like true Jamestowners, they do everything they can to survive those four seasons – from the heat and burning sunshine of summer, to the bitter lakefront wet snow and cold. Crafty Skunks will take refuge in all sorts of places, like sheds, decks, and tarps. Especially on city property, and at Diethrick Park… ask the grounds crew…

Ever tarped your back woodpile, or outdoor furniture, and seen a smelly uninvited guest show up for cover?

Well, good news. The skunk is kindhearted, unless it is messed with. And, like a great baseball club, the Skunk believes that a great offense is having a great defense. Hence the “scent glands”…

Jamestown is well represented by a skunk. The skunk is a small, underdog animal fighting to survive – blue collar at its best. Just like a Jamestowner, the Skunk is trying to make a name for itself by being crafty, creative, and a quick thinker! Like Jamestown, a small town that you can’t ignore – a town that has produced top quality thinkers, doers, and amazing personalities over its long history!

Skunks work hard all day, and really don’t want to spray. They just want to be given the freedom to do their own thing, and try to succeed at their chosen path – just like a Jamestowner! They only carry enough spray to shoot 5 or 6 times anyway… and then it takes 10 days to “reload”. They really just want to co-exist in harmony with everyone else… just give them a chance! Wolves, foxes, and badgers are all afraid of skunks and won’t attack – because, just like Jamestown, a Skunk can fend for itself against bigger opponents! Those bigger animals know all about Skunks from their parents and grandparents… the same way our rivals know about the Jamestown Tarp Skunks!

In the cold months, like many Jamestowners, skunks will get together and huddle in their reliable home-made nests for warmth. In Jamestown, some of the best partying happens in the wintertime – when everyone fills a room together! One wonders if there is a Skunk version of The Pub on North Main…

Whenever someone walks or drives through Jamestown and sees a familiar black and white friend, they will think of one thing…
The baseball team – The Jamestown Tarp Skunks!