The Jamestown Tarp Skunks have joined forces with St. Susan Center, and are joining the fight against hunger in Jamestown.

From Monday, February 10th until Sunday February 16th, the Tarp Skunks will be donating 10% of their SKUNKJUNK sales both in the Jock Shop team store and online shop combined, to the St. Susan Center.

Anyone who goes into the Jock Shop and buys Tarp Skunks gear will be supporting the St. Susan Center, and anyone who purchases an item online will also be supporting the organization which has made a respectable name for themselves as a neighbor and helping hand to Jamestown. Fans are encouraged to share digital flyers for the fundraiser and spread the word across social media to really blow up the donation amounts to feed the hungry.

The St. Susan Center is a non profit in Jamestown, New York which specializes in feeding the hungry on a daily basis. They serve Monday through Friday, 11:00am-4:00pm. On the weekends, the dining room is open from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. They host everything from holiday gatherings, to parties, and weekly meetings or events. They continue to make their mark in Jamestown as a reciprocating community entity.

“No business can afford to give away product or money,” says Tarp Skunks General Manager, Frank Fanning. “But we’re doing very well right now, and it’s that cold time of year where a baseball team can help its city when there is no baseball on the field. I’m a huge proponent of giving percentages to charities, and there is no better donation than a financial one. I challenge all of the entertainment companies in Northwestern New York to do the same. We’re lucky to have so many generous companies in Jamestown, it is really impressive what type of community the Tarp Skunks have joined”

People love the Tarp Skunks around the nation. The team has been receiving hefty orders from around the United States and Canada. The office was planning for this kind of success early on right from when they committed to rebranding. The team has already outsold the last five years combined of the previous grapes logo, and they accomplished the feat on Day Nine of Tarp Skunks history. Two weeks in, the Tarp Skunks feel it is time to begin sharing their profits with those who need it.

“This was the whole reason for rebranding, to use the Tarp Skunks to shine a light in Jamestown where that light is needed. We loved bursting out of the gate, because all of a sudden Jamestown, NY appeared in over 3 million newsfeeds across the nation just like that! And now people can take a closer look at this town and realize how hard people are working to make it the best it can possibly be.”

The fundraiser kicks off at 12:00am on Monday morning, and goes until Sunday February 16th at 11:59pm. Fans of the Tarp Skunks and supporters of St. Susan Center are encouraged to visit the Tarp Skunks online shop at, or the Jock Shop at 10 Harrison Street in Jamestown, to make their purchase of SkunkJunk for charity.

“What we love about this fundraiser is the fact that people can share it online like crazy, and its so easy for the St. Susan Center to receive passive donations. Bonny Scott-Sleight at St. Susan Center is so passionate about her work for this community,” says Fanning. “We’re just lucky to have friends like her, and the Jock Shop as well, who have supplied us with amazing merchandise. The Jock Shop has worked with St. Susan Center before, and some of our other partners have too – like Jim Pullan Jr. over at Jamestown Mattress. We get where we are by hanging around some pretty amazing people.”

For all questions about the fundraiser, and for any questions about how your non-profit organization can work with the Tarp Skunks in the future, please email